GEO Hazards BV is an independent, innovative and reliable company in the field of civil construction worldwide. Since 1976 the founder and General Manager of GEO Hazards, Ger Eenens, has gained extensive experience in designing and building solutions for technologically demanding projects.

Ger Eenens holds strong and long lasting partnerships with highly qualified specialists worldwide. His technical know-how and experience have made him a specialist for designing and building solutions in the following areas:

Geo hazards

Rock fall engineering, slope stabilization, landslides, avalanches, mudflow, safety and protection for underground work.


Cleaning and protection of rock faces, bolting and anchoring, micro-piles, installing safety meshes for retaining loose rocks, preventive rock consolidation, grouting, dynamic and static protection against rock slides, protection measures for site installations, shaft entrances, foundations for cable cars, pylons, masts and poles.

Railway Services

  • Designing and building solutions concerning rock fall and instable slopes
  • Cutting of trees located in difficult access areas, maintaining and cleaning slopes.

Underground mining

Drilling, mining, ground support, safety and protection for underground work

  • Tunnelling
  • Cavern work
  • Inclined and vertical shafts.


Escape and intrusion protection, shrapnel and explosion protection, waterside protection barriers, offshore oil and gas production facilities, safety fences.

Safety in quarries

  • Monitoring systems
  • Slope and rock fall protection
  • Material – and persons catch nets and fall protection.

Building operations

  • Protection against intrusion and/ or escape
  • Protection against car and/or boat attacks with explosives
  • Building facades
  • Staircase and fall protection
  • Fences
  • Steel construction for protection
  • Cleaning and restoring of buildings in difficult access areas.



Experts report, studies, preliminary surveys, planning, realization of projects, call for tenders, tender evaluation, training and instruction courses, planning and consulting for mining/blasting works, safety planning.

Special Services

Consultancy in the design stage, assessment survey bore holes, inspection of rock formations, permanent measuring and monitoring vibrations systems, training on location working at height, maintenance and upkeep historical lanes, parks and trees, test installations and machines, storage of materials with risk of explosion, protection for armoured vehicles and ships, protection of valuables in transit.

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